Train-The-Trainer Workshop “Cultural Perspectives on Training & Learning” en inglés, el 11./12. de abril (09:00-17:30 Uhr) en Berlin

Merlinda Dalipi y Dr. Marcus Hildebrandt invitan al Train-The-Trainer Workshop “Cultural Perspectives on Training & Learning” , que tendrá lugar el 11./12. de abril ( 09:00-17:30 h) en Berlin:

About: Have you ever analyzed your own learning biography and the corresponding learning preferences? Do you know whether and how your learning culture impacts your own training or learning design you deliver to your clients? The aim of this workshop is to identify one’s learning preferences and their cultural connections as a solid basis for developing professional and transcultural approaches in the next step to trainings & learning processes in global markets. 

Target GroupTrainers, learning providers and other professionals who are going to deliver in future more and more trainings/learning processes in multicultural business contexts.

Registration deadline: 20.03.2015