Interkulturelle Kompetenz für spanische Studierende in Deutschland

Merlinda Dalipi (Hrsg.): Preparados para Alemania: Interkulturelle Kompetenz für spanische Studierende in Deutschland. Münster: Waxmann. 2013.

This book, containing 8 separate modules, provides intercultural training materials for Spanish students studying in Germany.

Areas covered include:

  • Differences in university culture between Germany and Spain
  • University email correspondence
  • Strategies for dealing with culture shock
  • Analysis of critical incidents
  • Interaction between lecturers and students
  • Meeting others and building relationships
  • Practical tips for finding accommodation

The book is aimed at trainers, lecturers and teachers and provides a variety of training materials, which can be easily integrated into classes or can be used for individual workshops and training sessions.