Team building


dalipitraining enables you to maximise the multicultural potential of your team and enhance their intercultural skills, helping to avoid possible future conflicts or reduce existing tension within the group, and increasing your team’s ability to work together, its motivation, job satisfaction and productivity.

 Possible topics:

  • Cultural values and their influence on teamwork
  • Leadership roles/styles and the concept of hierarchy: expectations of superiors, colleagues and staff
  • Different roles within a team and team developmen
  • Intercultural communication: differences in styles of communication and negotiation / feedback culture
  • Gaining trust and the concept of face
  • Analysing Critical Incidents from your field of work
  • Intercultural conflict management: understanding and resolving conflicts together

After a non-binding briefing with no obligation on your part, I will draw up a training program tailored to your needs. Call me or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.