The Concept of Face as an orientation of social and pedagogic action in Higher Education

This doctoral thesis discusses the concept of Face as a transcultural phenomenon  

Spanien von Innen und Außen – Dr. Merlinda Dalipi
  • This paper focuses on the question to what extent a special orientation of social and pedagogic action, the orientation towards Face, can be shown to be a presumed construct in higher education in Spain and to what extent this can be connected to the concepts of Face observed in Chinese-speaking cultural areas. Face is understood as a transcultural, individually and collectively significant orientation pattern, the knowledge and effective implementation of which can form the basis of pedagogically significant internationalisation strategies.
  • The basic aim of this paper is to identify Face as a social orientation for a European language and cultural area as well, especially in the field of higher education as an area of pedagogic action, and to use this as a basis for designing study-enhancing learning and teaching constellations among
    international students.
  • Face is of high relevance as a relational construct in the field of
    teaching/learning style research. Based on these results, implications for face-sensitive teaching are identified and suggestions for the design of study-enhancing learning and teaching constellations for international
    students are made.