dalipitraining is Dr. Merlinda Dalipi.

  • 15 years of training experience in Germany and abroad
  • 10 years of experience in professional training and leading Train the Trainer seminars
  • 20 years in higher education, teaching in universities both Germany and abroad

dalipitraining goes into detail:

Born in Germany to an Albanian family, I grew up between cultures. Since 2003, I have worked as an intercultural trainer, consultant and coach and during this time have spent more than 7 years working abroad in various countries, including: Nicaragua, Spain and the UK. My training profile to date includes businesses, academia, educational institutions and NGO projects.

Train- the -Trainer

For the past 10 years I have been working as a facilitator involved in training other lecturers, teachers and trainers through “train the trainer” sessions. My work is driven by a desire to explore innovative and engaging teaching techniques and one of my key interests is designing and creating new training materials.


I have worked as teacher of intercultural communication, conflict management and didactic in universities and other educational institutions for more than 20 years, both in Germany and abroad.

Education and Qualification

I graduated from Berlin’s Humboldt University with an undergraduate degree in German, American and British Literature and Culture. Since then I have received postgraduate certificates in both Adult Education and Teaching German as a Foreign Language, in addition to becoming an intercultural trainer and coach certified by the Artop Institut, which works in partnership with Berlin’s Humboldt University. In 2014 i got my certificate as mediator from the ImKonsens Institut in Berlin.